This year at PAX West I had a small world moment. On Friday I was wandering on the 6th floor expo space and saw a face that I was 100% sure I knew. Now I tend to be good at recognizing faces but not remembering names. However, in this case I knew exactly who I … Continue reading Reunions



There have been some very stressful and difficult things happening in my life lately, and it has reminded me how helpful it can be to have hobbies to escape into. Gaming is sort of an obvious escape. Go into a completely different world for a few hours and really get away. I have spent a … Continue reading Escapes

E3 hype

E3 is fast approaching, which is always full of gaming news and announcements. The lead up to this E3 has been no different, with lots of speculation about what the big guys will be announcing. Nintendo will have a Treehouse style event, which will undoubtedly include information regarding ARMS and Splatoon 2, especially since both … Continue reading E3 hype