I was a long time windows phone user. I had an android back in the days of the Motorola droid, and one other budget HTC after that but once I made the switch to a windows phone I didn't look back. Unfortunately, windows phones are not being supported anymore. I held on to my Nokia … Continue reading Essential


Are they watching you?

I have used a pebble everyday for a couple of years now and can certainly say I have gotten my money's worth. When I bought it I actually had no intention of wearing it on an all day basis. I actually came across the Pebble 2 when I was looking for a device to count … Continue reading Are they watching you?

Analog Gaming

With PAX Unplugged badges going on sale this week I have had a lot of friends talking more about tabletop gaming. I have a pretty decent history when it comes to tabletop games. I played Magic the Gathering casually in high school. In college was pretty heavily involved in the World of Warcraft trading card … Continue reading Analog Gaming