Hands on Upgrades

Despite being attached to the PC build I won at PAX East I have finally decided to do some upgrades to my desktop rig. Since I had never actually been the one to hands on do any hardware updates I have been using this as a learning experience, and I am lucky enough to have … Continue reading Hands on Upgrades


Office Decor

After being in my current job for about 5 years I was upgraded to a window office recently. While the window is great the walls were very white and blank. Since I have so much art from all of my conventions and such I decided it was time to bring some art in from home … Continue reading Office Decor

Analog Gaming

With PAX Unplugged badges going on sale this week I have had a lot of friends talking more about tabletop gaming. I have a pretty decent history when it comes to tabletop games. I played Magic the Gathering casually in high school. In college was pretty heavily involved in the World of Warcraft trading card … Continue reading Analog Gaming