New Finds from PAX West

I came home from PAX West with a new list of games to play or watch, and here are a few of them:

Wolfenstein II: New Colossus

I got into this demo kind of by chance, since I happened to go by as the line was short. I didn’t expect much more than your standard nazi shooting first person shooter but they demo level you were playing in a wheelchair, and had to take advantage of the environment around you in a way most shooters just ignore. While the demo doesn’t have me 100% convinced it is my kind of game it at least has me more interested. It was also just announced that they will be releasing the game on switch, which was a surprise to me. Again, don’t know that if I got it I would want to play it on Switch, but it was a good sign for the console keeping up the promise of 3rd party support.

Super Lucky’s Tale

WP_20170901_10_28_16_ProI was already aware of this game before the show. It started as an oculus rift exclusive, though it always puzzled me why it was in VR. It is designed as a throwback to the games like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, so it isn’t really the kind of game where VR added anything. They got me interested in it despite the VR, because they chose an adorable fox as their protagonist, and I have always had a major soft spot for foxes. I played the oculus demo a few PAXes ago, and found it cute but not enough to buy a rift. However, they have now announced the game will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10, which will mean I can pick it up on PC since I do have a windows 10 system. The demo was on an xbox, and I do think I will play it with a game pad on PC since that just feels right, but the demo showed me what I already expected. Specifically the game doesn’t lose any of its fun and charm when it is not in VR, and that it is one I will be picking up when it launches November 7th.

Ashes of Creation


I pretty much only ended up in this booth because I liked the logo and booth design, but it is now on my watch list. They were showing a pre-alpha build, but it looked extremely polished for that phase of development. I watched a few matches, which were team based territory control. The combat mechanic was very fluid, in that movement was a part of strategy. This is something I have found I really like in games like Guild Wars 2, since even casters are not ever just standing in place cycling through skills making the player engage with the combat in a different way.  I’m a bit wary of a long development, since I have had a few titles that I have found on a show floor in early development and after years of waiting the launches have been lackluster, but I will keep it on a watch list.

First Tree

Leave it to me to find another fox game. However First Tree, which was in the indie megabooth, is a game like Journey, in that it tells you a story with no dialogue. It is a short game, aiming for a couple hours of play, but the art was intriguing and I have enjoyed that type of storytelling in the past. The game released on steam, so I am planning to give it some time soon.

Hot Lava

WP_20170901_16_34_28_ProA new title from Klei (the ones who did don’t starve), and it is exactly what you might think. They took the idea of the game we all played as kids in the living room on rainy days, where the floor is lava, and made it into a game. Lots of jumping and interesting areas to explore. Just for the nostalgia side I am in.


I already knew about this game, and have been watching it since E3. However, I got to talk to a few people in the playstation booth about it, and watch some of the people who did the VR demo. It is still adorable, and definitely something I will be excited to play when it launches.


This is a game I actually found in BYOC. Someone a few rows over was playing it and the art style caught my eye. It appears to be a puzzle style game, where you draw and build on the screen to guide your character through zones. I downloaded it on Steam, as it is under $10, and I am looking forward to giving it a shot.


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