PAX West 2017 Expo

Its been a bit crazy since I got back from the show, but I felt like it was still worth doing a quick recap of what was on expo this year.


As usual, the expo at West was packed, and spread across both buildings and multiple floors of the center. There were a bunch of impressive booth designs this year, though there was definitely a bit of a dragon theme. Monster Hunter worlds had one of the more impressive ones, while Shadows of War and Total War Warhammer both brought some pretty impressive dragons as well. Ark has continued to get good use of the T-rex that they designed over a year ago, though they have added a second dino now as well.

Bethesda had a very large space as usual, though this year they seemed to focus more onWP_20170904_12_27_00_Pro actual demo space than they have in the past years. Unlike last year where the whole booth was photo ops, this year they had demos for Wolfenstein II: New Colossus, Quake Champions, Dishonored’s new DLC, Elder scrolls online: Morrowind and multiple VR titles. They did have one of the more unique pieces of swag though, since playing the Wolfenstein demo got you a strawberry milkshake in a collectable cup.

A couple of the more unique booths were upstairs in the 6th floor expo space. First was Phantom Doctrine, which was set up like a bomb bunker. There was also a gorgeously lit wall in a booth for a title “Where water tastes like wine”, which I didn’t get any time with but the booth definitely caught my attention.

As is my usual MO, I didn’t wait in long lines for demos. I have found that shoulder surfing is usually sufficient to get a feel for whether or not I want to get a game. This was the case with Ashes of Creation. They had a striking booth, which caught my interest, and so I spent some time watching people play. The game is in pre-alpha, but looked very polished. The combat reminded me of guild wars, in that movement is an important mechanic. It’s definitely a title I will be watching.


All in all it was definitely a busy expo floor. I am happy to see it turning back more to games and demos and less to weird services, like the year there was a booth for Microsoft Outlook. Here’s hoping that trend continues!


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