This year at PAX West I had a small world moment. On Friday I was wandering on the 6th floor expo space and saw a face that I was 100% sure I knew. Now I tend to be good at recognizing faces but not remembering names. However, in this case I knew exactly who I was looking at. This was a girl I had known well in high school, since we had been in orchestra together for multiple years, but who I had not seen or heard from in over 10 years. Normally I would have just let it go but seeing someone like that at PAX, especially the US PAX that is the farthest from my hometown, I took as a sign I ought to at least say hi.

Thankfully this girl recognized me too, so I avoided that potentially awkward moment. Though I was quite excited when she asked if I would be up for catching up over coffee or something after the show, since most of my run ins with people from the past tend to just be one quick kinda awkward chat and that’s it.

We managed to meet up on Tuesday after the show closed and went to one of the Starbucks reserves near the center. We met at 5:30 and managed to chat for so long that we got chased out when the shop closed at 9.

PAX West, and we now try to meet up every year. This year, since we all flew out early, we met for dinner out on the sound on an evening before the show while mount Rainier was actually out. We had a similar situation there, where we talked until the restaurant was closing.

While there were tons of awesome things that I got to see and do in Seattle this year (so many that I am still post processing it all) I think that that those chats are definitely high points, and I love how something like a convention can bring back old connections in such fun and meaningful ways.



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