Path of Fire

a9dfeGW2-PoF_Texture_Centered_Trans_SmallOn Tuesday (8/1) ArenaNet officially announced the second expansion to Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire. I happened to be flying home from a short trip during the announcement, but as soon as I landed and turned my phone back on I had a ton of notes from people about how I had to go look at what they revealed.

I have to say while the announcement was very well done, I don’t know that they can top the excitement of the Heart of Thorns announcement for me. I was lucky enough to be at PAX South and in the audience for the panel that they revealed it, and the excitement in that theater was amazing. The reaction of the crowd as they announced things like elite specializations and gliding was epic. However, I will say I found myself getting very excited and even reacting to my PC as I watched the announcement video that they did for Path of Fire.

There were a few big announcements in the reveal. First, we are going to the crystal desert! It is a throwback to story from the original Guild Wars, and I am very excited to have the 5 new zones to explore. To explore the expanses of the desert ArenaNet is giving us mounts. I can honestly say after gliding was introduced in Heart of Thorns I figured that the folks at ArenaNet had decided they didn’t want to go the mount route. However I think they have taken a really neat approach to mounts. Each type of mount has different movement characteristics, so you will actually be getting mounts for functional purposes like the ability to jump higher or blink across the desert, rather than simply faster run speed or cosmetics.

The other big announcement was the introduction of new specializations for each class. Personally, since I main an Elementalist, I am excited to give the weaver a go. The idea of combining multiple elements to create skills is definitely appealing to me.

Not only did they announce details of the expansion they also gave us a release date, 9/22, and a preview weekend coming up 8/12-8/13. If you are considering getting into the game I definitely recommend downloading the base game (which is free by the way!) and hoping in to see what’s coming. I will definitely be on exploring!



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