Jumping to the Gods

In the most recent living story release for Guild Wars 2, One Path Ends, the player is taken to a new zone in Orr. When I got there with my guildies, we did what we always do: explore. This time within about 10 minutes of making it into the zone we found “Abbadon’s Ascent”, which we found to be more than just a reference to the god of Tyria, since it is also a rather intense jumping puzzle.

For anyone who doesn’t play Guild Wars 2, the idea of a jumping puzzle is pretty simple. They are different challenges throughout the world of Tyria, which require the player to literally climb and jump through a puzzle to complete them. They vary in length and difficulty, but are something I have found to be unique to Guild wars in that they really foster community cooperation and can be a lot of fun.

While you can usually find a walk through of jumping puzzles on community sites like dulfy.net pretty quickly, and there are even potentially mesmers at a puzzle to simply portal a player up, I like to try to figure out a jumping puzzle on my own the first time I encounter it. When my guild mates and I started Abaddon’s Ascent we were not sure what we were getting into. Turns out that Abaddon’s ascent is a 3 part puzzle, complete with checkpoints and one of the most epic diving goggle jumps in the game to top it off.

I have done quite a few jumping puzzles in Guild Wars, and I must say that this was one of the few that literally had me laughing nervously and squirming from heights and the fear of falling. Some of the jumps required long uses of the glider and landing on a very thin pole sticking out of the side of a shipwreck. First, talk about a nerve-wracking jump! And second, it says a lot to me about how they have implemented player controls and the glider to have aspects of the game completely focused on the precision of them.

After about an hour of jumping I reached the top of the puzzle, and I have to say the feeling of accomplishment for that type of puzzle is hard to beat. I was smiling for at least an hour after I finished just from how thrilling and fun it was to complete.

To top it off, the developers put a pair of diving goggles at the very top of the ship. Diving gw262goggles allow the player to literally jump off the edge of high places and dive into water below. In this case you fell for a *very* long time, but it was a fitting way to celebrate finishing the puzzle, and I have to see I think I may have to go back and do that again just to see the view from the top again!



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