Office Decor

After being in my current job for about 5 years I was upgraded to a window office recently. While the window is great the walls were very white and blank. Since I have so much art from all of my conventions and such I decided it was time to bring some art in from home finally to decorate.

Some of it was easy, just getting frames for a few posters I have collected from things like Little Big Planet and Breath of the Wild preorders, the Square Enix booth at PAX, and some Star Wars X wing blueprints I inherited from my former boss when he went to a different part of our office. I also took advantage of one of the Club PA perks, and printed some high resolution versions of some of the Penny Arcade strips that I have liked over the years to frame.

I also put up some of the metal wall signs I have. One is from the preorder of Overwatch, and has the group shot of all the heroes that were available at launch. I also had two wall signs I purchased at a convention which are from Portal 2, and look like the signs on the walls as you walk through the ruins of aperture.

I also got into a small project. Ever since Mike and Jerry started the “For the Watch” series I have always liked the fight posters that they have done as promos. I decided that they would make neat wall art, so I found a way to get high resolution captures. Then after some trial and error I found the color card stock that I though looked best, and had to decide what scaling I wanted. The webpages are styled to be tall and thin, which is not something I could print on a standard home printer. So I tried a few variations in order to print something that fit well on 8.5×11 card stock, and framed up well. I am pretty happy with what I came up with, and now they are hanging on the wall behind my monitors. The benefit is, now if they continue the series I can simply print the next one, and there is plenty of wall space to allow me to add to the collection.



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