DIY Furniture

I have had the plans for a DIY project for over 2 years, and I recently took an evening and actually made it happen.

I had inherited a crate that was originally used to ship Russian ammunition, complete with the Cyrillic stamp about the caliber on the side. They were just going to throw the crate away, which I was not ok with, so I took it to re-purpose. Originally I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use it for. I thought about a few options, like a wall cabinet, but decided that I liked the idea of an accent table most.

Once I knew I wanted to make a table I had to decide on legs. I looked online for idea, and considered everything from metal hairpin legs, to making some type of base out of 2×4. I ended up picking some simple black pipe-style legs, because I didn’t want to over do it and take away from the actual box itself.

The last step was to modify the closure on the crate so that I could actually open the crate and use the inside for storage. For now I have simply loosened the metal clasp to make it easier to get into. I may modify it later, perhaps with some type of leather strap closure, but for now it makes a pretty unique and useful side table.



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