Pillow Forts and Games

There was an interesting comment from Jerry of Penny Arcade on Twitter about how the Switch is the first console that lends itself to the pillow fort. It got me thinking about how I used to game as a kid.

When it came to portable gaming, I did have the game boy color, complete with the m_wormlightmatching “worm light”, since anyone who had one knew you really couldn’t play without that light in many situations. That was the go-to for car trips, and camping trips, though I don’t remember how long you could play on one set of batteries. I didn’t end up with another handheld system until my PSP in college, followed by a DSi, 3DS, and PSVita. Thing is I still remember playing games like pokemon pinball and kirby tilt and tumble for hours.

The first console I ever owned myself was the PSOne. However, my cousins had an SNES, which we used to set up in the storage hole in the back of their closet every Christmas. It was a tiny little storage nook, which was about a 5x5ft space that might have been 3 ft tall. We dragged a small TV, the SNES, and an extension cord or two in, and filled the floor with blankets and pillows. We would sit in the little gaming cave for hours and pass the controllers for Mario bros, while the parents sat outside and visited.

If I had a switch as a kid, I am sure i would have been gaming anywhere possible, kind of like in the Penny Arcade strip about playing in the park. Even as an adult, I have indeed tested the Switch’s “pillow fort compatibility” and definitely didn’t regret it.


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