Crash Bandicoot is BACK

The Playstation, specifically PSOne, was the first game system I ever bought for myself. As such, I have a soft spot for original PSOne games. When they announced the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane trilogy I knew pretty much instantly that I would have to get it. While I ended up having to wait a couple days after launch due to “real-life” I picked up the game and jumped right into the original Crash.

It was really fun to see the re-mastered graphics of a game I played a lot as a kid. I have found that with games I know so well, re-masters tend to be a better feel than new games in the IP, usually because it is hard to get the new game to be as good as the original was, and re-masters seem to have less risk of de-valuing the memory.

The first major realization I had is that I am not as good at the game I remember. I’d like to think some of it is that the contact boxes are slightly different in the graphics re-mastering, but realistically I know it is probably just that I am not anywhere near as good at platformers like that anymore.  On the bright side the game is at least the same kind of fun I remember. Granted, falling and dying is just as frustrating as ever, but the game has aged in a way that I still really enjoy playing.

When I was younger I had a very limited game library, so I was a completionist. I would play a game until I had 100% completion if it was the type of game that tracked that. The fun thing is that I am finding myself having some of the same drive to 100% this crash, even though now I have a LOT more games to play now. We will see if I ever actually get there, but I am definitely looking forward to the ride.


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