Dailies have been a part of MMOs for a long time, and therefore are something I am particularly familiar with. World of Warcraft has had dailies for a long time, allowing players to earn reputation and other rewards in both PvE and PvP. Guild Wars 2 started out with a global daily, which was simply asking the player to complete a certain number of tasks from a list. Now, they have supplemented these with zone specific dailies in some of the maps that have been added in expansions and living story.

Heroes of the Storm has had their own version of dailies since launch. They would have a set of 3 objectives to complete per day. Unlike the MMO dailies, they only reset when you complete them, refilling any completed spaces once per day. The HotS dailies earn gold, which the players can then use to buy cosmetic upgrades and additional heroes. With the anniversary event, they have added an extra daily slot for the duration of the event, which lets players earn the new to Nexus 2.0 loot chests.

Personally I am actually a big fan of dailies. Being an MMO addict I have found dailies are great when you only have a bit of time to play. They give you a manageable task list to complete in a 30-60 min play period. Since I have entered the working world I definitely don’t have as much time for marathon game sessions, so dailies are a great way for me to get to escape into a game for a bit but feel like I have accomplished something.

While I am sure I sound like a broken record, I particularly like the approach the Guild Wars 2 takes, since you get a list to choose from in order to complete the daily. It is nice to be able to pick the tasks that are appealing for that day, or that fit for the time you have to play.  Plus, the reward for the Guild Wars 2 global daily feels like you are really getting something. They give you some player boost items for karma (which is similar to WoWs reputations) as well as decent amounts of experience and 2 gold, which is not a trivial amount of money.

The HotS dailies helping a player to earn new heroes is also an approach I like. While you can obviously spend real money to buy these heroes, I do like feeling like you aren’t forced to. In a free to play game, giving a way to earn heroes so it feel less “pay to win” is a smart approach in my opinion. I have quit free to play games that have felt too much like you had to give them money to actually succeed, so by giving me a way to earn heroes like dailies HotS has managed to keep in around.


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