Over the past few weekends there have been anniversary based events in the suite of Blizzard games. Specifically the Overwatch first anniversary and the Heroes of the Storm second anniversary events. While events to celebrate anniversaries aren’t new, Blizzard has taken an approach regarding limited time loot and dailies to get people to play that may not have been online as much recently.

The interesting thing to me has been to see some of the articles and community response to this approach. When it came to the anniversary loot boxes in Overwatch, they have definitely introduced limited time chase skins and items. While I saw a few articles remarking on the amount of gambling players would likely have to do to unlock all the skins, I didn’t actually see much coming from actual players complaining.

The Heroes of the Storm event is not quite as intense loot wise. Instead they have implemented a daily to play one game, and if you do you will get a loot chest. However, unlike in Overwatch, these are not “anniversary chests” but just the same standard chests that the introduced in the Nexus 2.0 update. The only special event items are simply earned if a player has completed 3 games during the event.

Personally I have found the Heroes of the Storm event more friendly, but I think that is because it feels like you earn rewards more quickly. It takes a lot of Overwatch matches to level enough to earn chests, but one 30-40 game of HotS, which can even be against AI, and I get something. I think that each event probably appeals to different types of players, and clearly based on the success of Blizzard they know what they are doing. I will be curious to see if any other of the games with cosmetics to earn similar to these start to adopt this mode in their special events, or if it will only be a Blizzard approach.



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