ARMS Testpunch


Since I got a switch I have been taking part in the ARMS testpunch events. The game has been gaining hype since before the switch even launched, with people already talking about its competitive scene when there has yet to be a single tournament. So when Nintendo announced they were doing this test event I knew I would be giving it a try,

I should start by saying I am NOT a fighter fan. I have played my fair share of fighting games, but I have never been good at them. Even with Smash Bros I have always been a button masher when it comes to fighting games.

With ARMS they have definitely brought in some interesting changes to fighters. First, there are the character design and the spring like arms that you can equip with various weapons. They are controllable after you throw a punch and it definitely ads a new level of player choice and control. The fact that the game is in a full 3D world, and not the traditional 2D fighter that we have all played also adds some interest. Landing a punch takes more player control than some fighters, and combos are much more challenging to land in my opinion.

However, that being said I feel like if you are like me and don’t tend to like fighters, ARMS will probably still fall into that category. They do seem to have other modes in the works, including a volleyball style of play that has been part of the testpunch as well, and maybe that will add more appeal. However, as is I’m not sure there is enough there for me to spend $60 on it. If you are a fan of fighters, and are looking for something new or a different type of challenge it may be right up your alley.



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