E3 hype

E3 is fast approaching, which is always full of gaming news and announcements. The lead up to this E3 has been no different, with lots of speculation about what the big guys will be announcing.

Nintendo will have a Treehouse style event, which will undoubtedly include information regarding ARMS and Splatoon 2, especially since both games will have sponsored tournaments at the event despite being pre-launch.

Sony will have a prime-time press conference, which they will also be broadcasting to theaters around the country. There is some speculation about game announcements, and potential bundles for the PS4 that may come up. Interestingly enough, I have yet to hear anything about major leaks, which has not been the case in years past.

While I have seen things advertising the Microsoft/Xbox event, I have yet to hear much about what they will be announcing. Though, since the Xbox one did not do much to interest me, and I have yet to buy one that is the press conference I followed the least in the past few years. I would guess that project Scorpio will be a focus, though I will be curious to see if that will be enough to help Xbox after the slower sales this generation. Maybe they will have something to announce that will help make it intriguing but I guess we will have to wait and see.


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