Streaming (Part 2)

I have often wondered if I could bring myself to start a stream. I am a fairly outgoing person, and I like interacting with people one on one. However, I don’t know if I would be too self conscious to actually stream.

First of all, I have always had a bit of stage fright. Even in high school for orchestra concerts, when I was just one of the 60+ people on stage I found I got a bit nervous. As an adult in the working world I have had a few instances of running web based lectures and trainings and even those made me nervous. I don’t know if it would be something I could get over if I streamed daily, but I definitely think it would be tough at first.

Second, I doubt I am good enough at any game that people would even want to watch me play. I know that not all successful streamers are professional level players in the games they stream. However, I feel like I fit firmly in the category of “casual gamer” and watching me suck at a game or die a lot doesn’t seem very entertaining.

It is definitely appealing to be able to do something like stream as a full time job. I know that people do it, and the idea of having more time to be involved in gaming, or crafting based on gaming, is certainly appealing. The thing is that is definitely not the norm. I would guess that it is under 5% of streamers on twitch who actually make enough money that they can stream full time. Even those people are probably not making near what your average IT desk job pays. It also takes a lot of time and effort to get enough of a viewer base to even get some of the unpaid partnerships and sponsors, so it seems like a really risky business to try to get your foot in the door.  Plus, it is a very saturated field, with lots of people trying their hand a streams, so it seems like it would be really tough to get to a point where you stood out from the crowd enough to be able to get the sponsors you would need.

Professional gamers, specifically those who are good enough to be on pro teams and play for money, would have a leg up on getting into streaming when they “retire” from the pro scene I would think. They could use their reputation to stream as tutorials or lessons and probably get a decent number of viewers simply from those who follow esports. It just seems to me that your “average gamer” has a lot of hurdles to get over before they could get call streaming their job.


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