Getting Older

I recently had someone over to my house specifically to play PC games, which is a new thing in this office space. I have lived where I am for a while now, but I didn’t really have any good place for others to set up a laptop in a space that wouldn’t be on separate floors. While this is obviously not a deal breaker with all of the voice chat options etc, I decided it would be more fun to at least have space in one room for a mini LAN. I finally got things set up with a second desk and such in my office so we decided to give it a shot.

First, I can definitely tell as my friends and I have gotten older we are more picky about set ups. Back in the “good old days” in college I used to spend hours sitting with six people set up across one desk and a card table, sitting in folding chairs and playing WoW for hours. Now that we have all gotten a bit older that kind of set up isn’t so feasible.

Partially it is because we have more cool peripherals that we want to use, so space matters more than it used to. However, I think the real driving factor is that at least I am old and cranky in comparison. When I was in college I could sit on the floor for hours and not get sore. Now, I get stiff on the floor after only 30-45 minutes. Plus, when I got sore in college from anything, whether it was sitting too long or working out, it only lasted at most a day. Now I take a lot longer to recover.

It doesn’t seem to me that this is a unique issue for the older groups of gamers. In fact there seems to have been a decent shift in the peripherals market towards comfort during longer game sessions, whether from a wrist/hand fatigue perspective or even just the comfort of a chair or desk.

Despite the need for the more cushy and elaborate set up space it was definitely still fun to turn all the lights out and game with nothing but the LEDs in the PC and the blue glow of the screens. Hopefully it wasn’t a one time deal, and the desk I had for my friends was comfortable enough for other older folks like me.


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