Analog Gaming

With PAX Unplugged badges going on sale this week I have had a lot of friends talking more about tabletop gaming.

I have a pretty decent history when it comes to tabletop games. I played Magic the Gathering casually in high school. In college was pretty heavily involved in the World of Warcraft trading card game, including some more competitive play, and still have the collection of cardboard, play mats, and deck boxes to show for it. Since the WoW:TCG was cancelled when Hearthstone was released I haven’t moved to any other TCGs. However, my collection of board games has most definitely increased.

When I was younger board games pretty much meant things like monopoly, mouse trap, risk and sorry (thank you Hasbro :p). I don’t know how much of it is the change in the board game market and how much is my exposure to it but now I find that there is a HUGE variety of board games out there to try. I have games that are sort of “D&D lite”, episodic story based cooperative games, tower defense board games, and even know a group developing a MOBA style board game that is up on kickstarter.

I have found that it has been a bit difficult to get some of the people in say my parents generation to try some of these games, mainly because they have those monopoly style games in mind. The fun part has been showing them games like Forbidden Island, and getting them to see how much different a co-op board game is.


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