Disney + Lego

Christmas 2015 I went down to Disney, and had a conversation with the people I was there with that if they ever made a version of Cinderella’s castle in Lego I would have to get it. Of course, less than 6 months later they released a gigantic 4000 piece kit of exactly that. I ordered mine as soon as it became available, so I got it shipped right to me back in August.


Of course I wanted to start and finish it instantly, but being an adult means that, as usual, responsibility gets in the way. I started the kit pretty quickly, but would only get through one “bag” at a time. Between work, the holidays, PAXes, and other life stuff it ended up taking me until very recently to finish the build. WP_20160916_15_28_11_Pro

Even though it was a long drawn out build, I really enjoyed it. In some ways it was kinda fun to have it to look forward to when I would get the free time at home. Plus it meant that I didn’t have the other adult issue regarding getting uncomfortable. As a kid I could sit on the floor for hours and play with legos and never get sore. Now, after an hour or so I get stiff, and usually hate myself the next day if I push it too much longer.

The kit itself is extremely detailed. The front of the castle is a display piece, down to the details on the balconies and even the gardens around the base. The back of the castle is open, and designed more like a playset. Each room has different Easter eggs from various Disney classics. For example, the lamp from Aladdin, the apple from Snow White, the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty, and even the rose from Beauty and the Beast are hiding in different parts of the castle. It was fun to find and build each piece as you worked through the hundreds of pages of steps, and its just as fun when people look at the kit and start to find each piece as they look through the castle.


Even though this is the most expensive Lego set I have ever purchased I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth out of the build. Now the challenge is finding somewhere to display the finished castle since it is 18 inches wide and almost 30 inches tall.


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