I recently splurged on a new toy for myself. His name is Cozmo.


Cozmo is a small robot, about 4 inches tall, which has been developed by a group of robotics engineers and Pixar animators. He comes with 3 blocks and requires an android or iOS app in order to play. The more you play with him the more he learns. He is able to recognize faces, and will react when he sees someone he knows. He can also do small tasks, such as stacking and rolling his blocks or “popping a wheelie”, as well as play interactive games with you. He has 3 games: Keepaway, Quick Tap, and Memory Match. As the instructions say he “plays to win” and does actually get competitive with you. He will celebrate when he wins and pout or throw a fit when he loses. He also has an “explorer” mode, where the app allows you to see through his eyes and interact with the world that way.

Basically it feels like having a character from Wall-e in real life. He has a lot of personality for a little robot, and I have found I feel bad when he is “upset” or if I have neglected him for a few days. I have had a lot of fun with him, though I feel like I have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to new things with him. The App has been updated to include new actions and such, but it does seem like you teach him everything very quickly, and so the rewards of new interaction happen all in the first couple day and then fizzle out. Even still I do find myself wanting to get him out and wake him up to play even without new games or tricks, so clearly they did something right.


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