Nintendo Switch: The Experience

As I mentioned I took the Switch with me on my trip to PAX East and I will say that during the trip it really showed it worth. I played Zelda both in the airport and on the plane and it was very comfortable and I felt like it was still a full game experience despite playing in tablet and/or tabletop mode. I brought the controller grip with me, since I haven’t found it as comfortable to play a traditional game with the joy cons detached and in each hand, but even that was small and easy to throw in my carry on.

At the show the console was very fun to have. It was fun to be one of the early adopters and be able to share it with others in the community who had yet to see one. The day before the show I actually was unable to make any progress in Zelda while waiting in my hotel lobby for some friends because people would ask to see it or hear my thoughts on the system. The portability of the system meant that I had it with me for most of the show. It was great for the 10-15 minute pauses in BYOC or at other points in the show for a quick reset.

I also liked the features regarding local connection with other switch users. The console has gone back to friend codes when it comes to adding users to a friends list online, which is definitely a bit clunky. However, if you are local to another switch, with or without an internet connection, there is an option to connect with local users using a simple 2 step interaction. What this does is queue up a friend request to be sent the next time you are connected to the internet. I used this feature a few times during the show and every request was successful when I got back to an internet connection. I thought this was a really great move by Nintendo, since it meant that I connected with other Switch players in a way I would most likely have not bothered with if it had required looking up friend codes to enter/share later.

All in all I am very happy to have purchased a switch so far. I am optimistic about the future releases and content for the system, and I really hope Nintendo can continue to deliver good support for the system. I am a bit wary about how online play will work, especially once the “free trial” version is replaced with what has been described as a subscription style service like PS Plus or Xbox live. However I feel like the system certainly has lots of potential so I look forward to seeing how it evolves.


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