Nintendo Switch: The Console

I was indeed one of those people who went to a midnight release to pick up a switch. I pre-ordered day 1 from best buy, and got the console, a case and screen protector bundle, Breath of the Wild and Bomberman.

Set up
I had a few interested parties after i finished set up

I’ve had the console for a couple weeks now, and it even came along for my trip to Boston for PAX East, so I feel like I can give a bit of feedback about the system.

As a whole I like the feel of the system. I have used it in tablet, tabletop, and TV mode multiple times. The transition between modes is actually about as seamless as the advertising and press releases implied, which I find pretty impressive. The system can tell very quickly if the Joy cons are attached or not, and I have not had any issue with controller connectivity in any modes so far.

The Joy cons themselves are small. I have smaller hands, so much so that I won’t switch from my first generation 3DS to a 3DS XL because I like the smaller form factor. That being said I still find the joy cons small. When playing in the tablet mode I notice it the least, since my hands are spread to either side of the screen. However, in any game where you are only using one Joy Con, like SnipperClips, you really notice the size. Even in the tablet mode, I have had a few times where I have hit the joystick instead of a + or – button due to the controller size and layout. I have yet to have a time where the size makes anything unplayable, but I would imagine that people with big hands might find it more challenging.

The screen on the system is pretty. I have played a good bit of Breath of the Wild using the switch screen and I have felt like it does the game justice. It is still a small screen, so there is some text that is smaller and can require a bit more effort to read that it would in TV mode, but I have not found that to be a hindrance to gameplay yet.

I have read some complaints about the battery life, but personally I have zero. First, Nintendo has said that the switch is not really intended as a handheld replacement so I did not expect crazy battery life. Even still, I played Zelda on the trip to PAX and in my room for approximately 2.5 hours of full gameplay, with at least another 30-45 min on the home screen etc, before I got a low battery warning. I did decide after a couple days, and before leaving for the trip, to go ahead and buy a second AC adapter. The console comes with one, but since this is the one used to plug in the dock I decided that I did not want to have to climb/reach behind my TV set up to unplug the dock if I wanted to take the switch on a trip.

Speaking of the dock I have yet to have any issues with the scratching that other have reported. Granted the first thing I did was apply the screen protector that came in the bundle with the case I bought, but even that has shown no signs of wear from going in and out of the dock.

The case and screen protector were both must get items for me, and with the officially branded bundle only costing $20 I just went with it. The screen protector in the bundle is a basic one, and I may eventually update to one of the glass based ones but for now this one is doing its job. The case fits the system and has places for 5 games. There is a small pouch which appears to be intended for something like headphones, but due to the case dimensions I have yet to find a way to put headphones in it without causing a noticeable bulging in the side of the case. Being a Nintendo product there are already multiple case options out there, and I am certain more will come with each new major game release. Personally, I am waiting to see what comes out near the Splatoon 2 release, and I very well may upgrade to a new case then.

The other thing I have found to be exceptionally well done is the UI and user experience. The UI is very clean and simple, which has made it very easy to navigate as needed. The feel and sound of interacting with the system is really enjoyable. The joy cons make satisfying clicks as they are snapped in, and the console has similar responses to different inputs, which I have found I really like.


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