PAX East Prep for 2017

So it is once again time to prep for a PAX. This time it is East in Boston. I didn’t post my regular PAX updates from South this year, which I may do later but it has been super busy since I got back so I haven’t been able to sort through the photos and such yet to get anything up.

Thing is this year it was something like 40 days between the close of South and the open of East. That kind of turn around has made for an interesting prep process for me. I actually have some things that I just never unpacked from my South trip. Things like the BYOC bag have just sat already packed since I got home.  I couldn’t justify unpacking those types of things, since I won’t need things like the laptop lock and my traveling Ethernet cable in the month between shows.

It has also meant that I haven’t has as much time to re-evaluate what I do and don’t bring every show, which means that I haven’t had any chance to modify the packing list yet. I always try to look at what I brought and didn’t use, and think through what things I didn’t have that would have been useful but with the stuff in life that has to happen between the shows I just haven’t had time.

The other interesting prep for this PAX will be the switch. I pre-ordered one, which means I am planning to take it up to the show. That will mean lots of new peripherals to pack, and figuring out how to fit them. I am hoping that they have some cool travel case for it, since it is intended to be portable, but I have yet to see one. Guess I will be doing some research :p


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