The Switch and Preorders

After being unsuccessful in my attempts to get items from the last couple of Nintendo launches (specifically the classic NES and the black Friday limited edition new 3ds) I decided I would pre-order a switch. I went to do so as soon as I could, and it seems it is a good thing that I did, since pre-orders seem to be all gone.

I’m not a huge fan of having to preorder to get a device like a console. I know that in some unknown amount of time they will be available on a more regular basis, but it is hard to know when that will be, especially with the history Nintendo has. I just don’t like having to give a company the full price of a product before I can actually even have hands on.

This time I preordered somewhere I only had to put a portion down, which is better, but I do miss the days where you didn’t have to pay sight unseen for so much. That’s actually why I don’t tend to shop at gamestop. They have adopted a business model where basically if you ever want a game you must pre-order, and I would rather not do that.

It’s probably me just being a stubborn gamer, but for now I will stick with places where I can go in to a store on launch day and get a game, rather than one I have to pre-order.


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