Christmas in Games

Just like for Halloween, Christmas bring out the special events in games. This year, just like the past few, I fully intend to spend as much time as I can in Tyria collecting Wintersday presents, to hopefully finally get my special Wintery shoulders :p

However, Christmas events are probably the hardest for me to actually find time to play. I know I am certainly not the only one, but December for me is always so busy. The month is always full of shopping, work events, friend events and of course family. So when it comes to finding the time to get into a game and play holiday content it becomes what can I play in bite sized pieces.

That’s part of why I end up in Guild Wars 2 every year. While you can dedicate long periods of time to their Christmas content, they offer it in smaller pieces so that you can still feel like you have accomplished something, even if you only had 30 minutes or so to play.

I’m hoping to get a bit more time to branch out this year, specifically to try the snow brawl content in Overwatch. That seems like another one that you can play a match or two and not have to farm for ages. Though it is clear that they hope you will, or will spend real money, to chase their skins and special loot.

Either way here’s hoping your holidays, both in games and out, are festive and fun!


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