Astro A50s

As I have mentioned in the past, I have a bit of a peripheral problem. I gave in to a new one recently…and bought the latest generation of the Astro A50.

I bought them for my home desktop specifically. I play a lot of PC games (big surprise) and I have finally gotten fed up with having to unplug and detangle myself from my headset any time I want to get up briefly for a drink or something during a gaming session.  I knew going into PAX west that I wanted to get hands on with a few wireless headsets to determine what I wanted, so I spent a few hours of my expo time at multiple booths trying out my options.

I also went in already knowing that I was leaning Astro. They are probably the most expensive of the options out there, but they have always been appealing to me. I have seen them at every PAX I have attended, and every demo I had ever played with a pair I noticed that I really liked them. So when I went to the Astro booth I was excited to see what they could do for me in the wireless realm.

They had the new A50s, with the wireless base station, in the booth and of course I went right over to try them out. In the small amount of time I got on the floor with them I found that they were very comfortable, and really liked the way that the base station looked and felt. However, the new generation with the base station was, or course, not available yet. So while I’d planned to leave the show with a wireless solution, after seeing these I knew I couldn’t do that.

Astro didn’t have the smoothest launch with the new A50s. They were delayed more than once, had some difficulty communicating these delays with those who preordered, and even had some supply issues to re-sellers. I didn’t pre-order mine, and waited for the second wave of them to hit Amazon, but I have now had them for about a week and do not regret my purchase.

The set up was a bit more in depth than I expected, and I felt like some of the required steps were not very well explained in the set up guide included with the headset. However I have found the Astro forums to be very useful, and after a bit of troubleshooting I know have the headset configured how I want and I am very happy with how they feel and sound.

They have some really nifty features, like their ability to tell when you place them on a table so that they can turn off rather than wasting battery. I have also found them to be surprisingly comfortable and light, despite the amount of tech living in the headset.

I have yet to bring them down to hook them up to my PS4. The fact that they are compatible with both was pretty compelling to me, but I haven’t played anything on the PS4 with which I would need to chat, so I haven’t had any need for a headset yet. I will be curious to see if the console set up is any more straightforward than the PC though.

Final thought: If you are considering a set of Astros, and willing to spend the money on them, I definitely recommend this headset.


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