Multi-Generational Gaming

So I am not a parent, but a lot of people I know are becoming parents, and it is interesting to watch my generation of gamers start to raise kids.

The most interesting interaction I recently had regarding this type of change was when I met with a family friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years. He’s a good bit older than me, about 20 years, and was a big part of what really got me into gaming. He was around while I was in middle and early high school, and was my introduction to Magic the Gathering. He also played countless hours of Halo (1, 2, and 3) with me, and talked gaming as much as we played games.

About halfway through high school he ended up moving away, and in the 10+ years since then was married, adopted a kid, and is now moving back to my area. When we met to catch up it was really like no time passed, except the conversation included things that it couldn’t have back then like jobs and kids.

I found it really fun to hear his stories of playing games with his son like he used to play with me. While having a son to take care of has certainly changed how he games, it was really interesting to hear how he has re-balanced to fit things in. There are games he plays with his son (mostly stuff like halo, smash brothers etc) and things he saves for when he’s on his own. The fun part is hearing how much his son seems to like the time playing with his dad, and how similar they seem to be when it comes to how they game.

When we were getting ready to go I was told his son was looking forward to meeting me once they get out to my area, since he has heard stories of all our previous gaming exploits. While I am a bit nervous about the reputation I may have to live up to, I am actually kind of excited to find out how similar the two of these boys really are.


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