Guild Banners

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for a long time and so it has made it’s way into more than one of my crafting projects. Other than my throw pillows, I decided to make some guild banners as décor for myself and my guild mates.

Making the banners was actually pretty straightforward. First I had to decide on size and material. Having already done the fabric based pillows, I decided that the banners would be more simple. I found felt in the color of our guild emblem in game and decided I would just make a stencil of our logo and use paint finish it off.

Finding the logo was actually made pretty easy. The Guild Wars 2 wiki actually has a gallery of all the available emblems, so I simply found ours and used paint to convert it to the sized template I wanted. Then I printed it onto card stock and used my trusty exacto knife to cut it out.

I was originally planning to use fabric paint, but I found after a bit of experimenting traditional acrylic paint actually gave me more of the look I wanted. I used a sponge to apply it, so that it would cover wp_001431evenly without causing fibers of felt to shift and look like hair stuck in the banner.

Figuring out how to hang them actually took me longer than the rest of the crafting process. I ended up using a dowel to make sure that they would hang flat on the wall, and attached jewelry chain to either end as a way to hang them.

Overall I am pretty happy with how they turned out, and I know at least 1 of my guild mates is too since they have it hanging at home just like I do!


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