Post PAX

After the show it always feels ridiculously quiet. 4 days of crowds and tons of video game awesomeness comes to a screeching halt, and suddenly you are just in a silent hotel room and it can be very depressing. For me it is usually the first couple hours after the show closes that hit the hardest, since I go with Enforcers who are always part of tear down. Usually I end up completely by myself, and it is never fun to feel that isolated.

This year I tried something different. Since Nintendo updated the street pass plaza just before PAX to include a line feature, which lets you hold onto people you street pass for later, and a bunch of new games I decided I would go down to the lobby of the Sheraton and just work through the line. This actually turned out to be a really great idea.

First of all, there were a lot of fellow PAX goers who were just hanging out in the lobby talking about the show and such. Even though I wasn’t directly interacting with most of them, just having that kind of conversation around helped it to feel like things weren’t quite over yet. I did talk to a few new people while I was down there, and even ran into someone who I had met previously but had not seen that whole show. I definitely think that I will try to find similar places to hang out as I wait for my Enforcer friends to be done a future PAXes, just to get to hold on to the show a little bit longer.


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