PAX West Day 4:

Day 4 of West/Prime is always bittersweet. I love that there are 4 days but it always sucks knowing it is the last.

This year I really feel like I made good use of my last day. I started by actually getting into one of the Acquisitions Incorporated Intern games that Wizards of the Coast was running.wp_20160905_11_03_38_pro I had never actually played a campaign before, despite many years of spectating, so it was really fun to actually roll a character. The games were set up with character sheets that were pretty much set for you, and you were randomly assigned a class and race. I was a Human Fighter, and of the two options I chose the one with a bonus to animal handling, just in case we came across a thing I could tame.

The actual campaign was a lot of fun. My group managed to successfully outsmart the DM’s traps to get us into combat, and we actually managed to complete both objectives with only 1 round of actual fighting (since we were ambushed by pixies). My animal handling also came in handy, since the Pixies has human sized badgers and I got to tame one :p After playing the Campaign I actually got to meet Chris Perkins, who is the DM for the official Acquisitions Incorporated game. I tried not to be too ridiculous but he was really nice about things and was super awesome to talk too.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with some last minute spins through Expo and the tabletop areas to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything, before hiking back to the Benaroya for the Final round of the Omegathon.

I always end the show by going to the final round, since it is sort of a capstone event for the whole show. This year the final two omeganaughts battled it out in Super Mario Bros 3, on a ridiculously cool looking stage setup. The runner up from last year, who always gets a chance to come back and try again, made it all the way back to the final round. Unfortunately for him last year he lost in Super Mario Maker, and this year he lost again in a Mario game. I am going to guess that he will play a LOT of Mario in preparation for his return next year.


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