PAX West Day 3:

By Day 3 I definitely felt like a had a rhythm down to the show this time. Rather than trying towp_20160907_08_44_26_pro rush in to anything at 10 when the doors opened I ended up hanging out in front of the center waiting for the queue to clear and met a couple girls who were volunteering at the Divinity booth, but who normally came to shows like PAX as cosplayers. We ended up going to explore the Pokemon center, which as a new addition this show, and was run by the online retailer. It was basically just a pop up pokemon store, but they had hats, shirts, and some other merchandise that can be had to come by in the states. Of course, since I have a plushie problem I *may* have snagged a Zorua to come home with me!

After that it was back to Expo, this time spending a good bit of wp_20160903_10_51_30_protime in the indie megabooth and getting a better look at some of the titles like Astroneer, Burly men at Sea and (the one I am most excited for) Secret Legend! It’s no surprise that Secret Legend caught my eye with an adorable fox, but the zelda like gameplay seems really good and I am definitely putting this one on my watchlist.

I also managed to meet up with a couple of friends who had also made the trek from the east coast to the show, and grab dinner. It is funny, since we live less than 30 min apart and it takes a show that is hundreds of miles away to get us to actually meet up, but it was fun to get to go around the city a bit with people I don’t normally see.

The highlight of Day 3 was definitely Acquisitions Incorporated. As usual it was the 1 panel I refused to miss. This year’s game was the finale to the online series that they had started after PAX East and it definitely did not disappoint!  I got one of my favorite photos from the whole show that night, and definitely was glad I had fully charged the camera.

Since Acquisitions was streamed this year as a Fathom event, it was over earlier than usual so I found myself with some time to spare before the show closed. I ended up back in BYOC, and just played some casual overwatch matches with the crew I was sitting with. It is not super common for me to get low key BYOC time at a PAX so it was nice to actually get to be a part of the LAN more this year. I really like the 4 day show for that, since at a 3 day show the BYOC would have been closed by that point. I keep hoping they will extend East to a fourth day too, since it already sells out, but only time will tell!


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