PAX West Day 2


Day 2 of PAX West was a bit more low key than some. I started with a trip to Starbucks, since I was in Seattle, and they were doing special drinks in honor of the show. As I was squee-ing over the Eevee and Jigglypuff drinks I met a couple who was working at the Epic booth on the sixth floor. I genuinely wish I had thought to get their twitter handles etc because they were both super nice and I actually ran into them a few other times throughout the show.

Once my PAX fuel was acquired I pretty much went straight into Expo. I started by finishing up some of the merch quests that I had not managed to get to the day before. Specifically I went by Bungie, since they didn’t have a capped merch line yet and a friend wanted the Destiny pin set, and iam8bit for the most AWESOME quaggan socks and pin!


After the merch was acquired I actually found myself feeling a bit lost. Everyone I was at the show with had other stuff going on and so I was sort of wandering alone. Thankfully I found out the runic was doing a Hob themed scavenger hunt, where you had to take a photo with 6 little sprites hidden around the expo halls. I am a HUGE sucker for these types of things, so I grabbed the sheet of clues and spent a couple hours wandering the halls and finding them all. I actually met a few other people who were also on the hunt, and it was really fun to get to help them out with the ones I already had.

Once I finished my hunting the crew I was with was all free, so we ended up going around the floor together. We managed to talk with some of the devs of For honor and snag a few keys for it, and then happened to time things perfectly in the Playstation booth to get into a hands on with Horizon Zero Dawn!

Unfortunately by the time the Expo hall closed I found that one of the pairs of shoes I had packed for the show were not getting along with my feet. I always bring multiple pairs with me, and thankfully there is also a target just a couple blocks away which let me get some new insoles to help, but it was definitely a reminder why good shoes are a PAX must!

In order to give my feet a break I went down to BYOC so I could sit and game for a bit. There was a tournament going on as I got there for Robot Unicorn attack which is an adult swim flash game that I was actually not familiar with. Of course, like so many of those types of games, it is super addicting and I ended up playing for at least an hour :p

I ended the night by making the hike down to the Benaroya hall to see Triforce Quartet as part of the Saturday night concerts. The hall is an amazing venue for them, and the lighting and such this year was stellar so it was definitely a nice way to end the day.


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