Post PAX Processings

Well, another PAX in the books. This time it was PAX west, formerly known as prime. I’m actually writing this on my tablet on the flight back, though I won’t be posting it until I’ve made it back home because I’m cheap and not paying for the in flight wi-fi. While I am sure I will end up posting more than one blog about the show, I thought I might have one that was just an initial reaction before I start with the photos and specifics.

What a whirlwind weekend! The fact that West is 4 days instead of 3 like the other shows helps some, but there is still so much going on in those 4 days that it is impossible to get to it all. My trip this year included a full day in Seattle both before and after the show, which if you’ve never traveled to a big show like this I highly recommend.

First, it gives you a bit of non show time to actually see the city you are in. If you are anything like me the show becomes pretty much all consuming, and it’s not likely that you will take time away from it to just wander. There can be a lot of interesting stuff in the city, and I’ve found even just the area in Seattle near the center is well worth exploring.

Second, I definitely find that after every show I suffer from what regular PAX goers tend to refer to as “PPD” or “post PAX depression.” The show is a weekend of bustling, crowded, loud, excited gaming awesomeness, and when it ends it is always a shock of silence for me.

PPD usually hits when I get back to my hotel room after the final round and sit down for the first time. Even though it’s the same room I’ve come back to every night of the show it feels eerily silent when I get back knowing that there is not another day of PAX waiting for me. I try to hold it off as best I can by meeting PAX friends for dinner and talking through the show. This year I actually decided to just find a chair in the lobby of the Sheraton, which is just across the street, and just cleared street passes on my 3DS.

Normally I am not good at just sitting somewhere alone like that, even in places like Starbucks where it’s normal to do so I get anxious and self conscious sitting alone. However, in the venues around PAX I don’t seem to have as much of an issue with it. In fact, this time I actually managed to connect with a couple people I hadn’t seen in years and met a few new really awesome folks.

PAX is the only place I go where I am really comfortable just starting a conversation with someone around me, and I think that is because it really feels like going home. There aren’t many other places I go that have so many people with similar interests. Plus , at least in my experience, people at PAX really have been friendly and excited to share things with other people who care about games and such as much as they do. That feeling of home and community is really what brings me back show after show, and is something I hope to never lose.





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