Overwatch and the Olympic Games

The past couple weeks have seen a rather large drop in gaming time, as I have been more than a little sucked into the coverage of the Rio Olympics. Having been a competitive swimmer, I always have problems not getting sucked into the coverage of the first week of an Olympics especially while they are in the pool. However, this time around I find it interesting that the Olympics have made their way into my gaming hobbies as well.

Overwatch is running an event through the duration of the games in which you can earn special loot boxes containing skins and victory poses inspired by the games.  I think it is a very interesting choice by Blizzard to bring the Olympic games into their game, and even more interesting that they are not going to allow players to purchase any of the items individually. It seems like it may be an attempt to keep people playing while the Olympics are going on, since the only way to get the items is the random number generator over the course of the limited time period. You can buy the boxes themselves with real money, but since the drops are random that means there is no guarantee at any of the items. With more than 90 items available it seems unlikely many people will be able to collect all of them.

It seems that some people are upset that they are making it so that players are at the mercy of “RNJesus” to get these skins and items. My honest opinion is that since they are all purely cosmetic there is really no harm in the gating. Yes it would be nice to ensure you could get a skin you think is particularly cool, but it doesn’t effect your ability to play or win a game, so to me there is nothing unfair about it.

While I haven’t personally had much time to earn these loot boxes, since I have been glued to the TV, I am definitely excited to try to get a few before the event ends and see what my die rolls will be.


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