In Flight Entertainment

With another PAX coming up I have started the prep process for the show. On top of the standard prep, this time I have been more focused on the actual travel process. Specifically my in flight entertainment.

Since PAX West (aka PAX Prime) is in Seattle and I am an East coaster, there is a decent length flight between me and the show. Since the weekend is all about gaming I like to spend the flight out immersed in gaming stuff to help build the excitement.B7kfmyYIUAAB8YM

First, I always try to get at least one gaming magazine to take along. I have found that during take-off and landing it is really nice to have something analog to do, and magazines work really well. Unfortunately there are a lot fewer physical magazines being published now, so I don’t know how much longer I will be able to get them for my flights. As is I usually have to make at least one special trip to find one.

Once we get going I always end up pulling out some type of handheld. Since I have both a 3DS and a PS Vita I have no shortage of handheld options. This year I am hoping to make some good progress on the Lego star wars force awakens, since those games lend themselves really well to play on the Vita and I haven’t had a chance to really dig in to it yet.

When it comes to PC gaming, I have never really found that super comfortable on a plane. I always have my laptop with me, since it goes along for BYOC, but I have yet to find a really comfortable way to set up on those tiny tray tables. When I had the m11x it was a bit easier, since the system had a smaller footprint. However, even with the smaller laptop I have never really had enough room for a mouse which can be very limiting. Plus I am never willing to pay the ridiculous amount of money to get wifi access on the plane, which does limit what you can actually play.

Even with the space constraints, it always is fun to turn the flight out into the start of the show, and hopefully this year will be the same.


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