More Decor

After so many trips to PAX’s I have a rather large collection of stuff from the shows. Specifically I have collected a large number of Pinny Arcade pins. While I like having pieces of the show like that, I can only put so many pins on a lanyard, which meant I had a bunch of pins that were just sitting in a drawer. I decided that I was going to do something so that I could actually enjoy them. I had a bulk pack of canvas from my local craft store, and some acrylic paint, so I decided that I would use the pins as part of a gallery wall on my stairwell.

Making the canvas hangings was pretty straightforward. Basically I just picked colors based on which show set of pins I was planning to display, light blue for prime, red for east, and orange for south. Then using the very basic and cheap foam paint brushes, I just painted each canvas a solid color. Once they dried, I pushed the pins through, with each show set on one canvas.

Thing is while I do have quite a few pins, the canvases were only 5×7 and it’s a pretty big stair well. So I had to figure out how to fill the rest of the space. I have collected a bunch of other small pieces of memorabilia from the shows, including some of the aisle signs from the BYOC section, so I grabbed a few of those to include in the mix.

Next I had prints that I had purchased at PAX south from an artist who sets up in the arcade and does geek/gaming art. One is the Mechromancer form Borderlands 2, one is the skull kid mask from V for Vendetta, and the last is a V for Vendetta print. I put all three of those in simple black frames and included them in my now growing pile of stuff to hang.

Thing is I still had a lot of wall and not really enough to fill it. So I went to my PC and started digging through the photo I have from each show. Since I have a tendency to take a lot of shots of the show and the things in the city nearby I figured I would fill out the wall by printing some of the photos I had of the landmarks and convention centers of each city. So I printed shots of Pike Place, the Space needle, the Alamo, and the 3 convention centers: The WSCC, the BCEC and the Gonzales center. Once they were all printed, I put them in simple black frames as well.

The last step was to actually hang it all up. I staged it on the floor in my living room to make sure that it looked as random as possible. Then once I was happy with the layout it just took some time with a hammer and hanging nails, as well as some painters tape to mount the BYOC signs, since those were already laminated and so I chose not to frame them.

Since I finished the wall I actually purchased the PAX prime poster, which I have put in the stairwell as well, though on the wall as you turn the corner. I have a few other things I may add to the wall in time, like some of the other gaming posters and vinyls I have collected from my PAXes but it is definitely fun to get to see bits of my collection as I come downstairs every morning.


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