Steam Sales

I remember when I first started PC gaming how crazy the first Steam summer sale was. I probably bought more than 20 new titles in the first steam sale I was a part of. Now, after so many of them I have found that I don’t end up buying much anymore.

I’m not sure if it is just because I buy more games than I used to or if the sales are not as good as they once were. I do feel like the deals that Steam offers now are not as impressive as they used to be. I remember lots of games going on really deep discount during the sales, with some major titles being as high as 80% off. Now, while some titles go that low it seems to be the same ones every sale. That means if you were around for the previous sale and had any interest in the titles you probably already bought them.

I also know that now I have a different outlook on the digital sale of games as well. In order to buy a game in only digital form it has to be pretty steeply discounted. While there are a few titles that are discounted on this summer sale I am interested in, they aren’t really low enough for me to want to get them digitally.

This year they also did away with some of the things that got me to come back to the sale day after day. First, there are no flash sales, and the deals don’t change from day to day either. Plus, they didn’t bring back the game that they had last year. Yes you can still earn trading cards if you go through a discover queue everyday, but for me this digital collecting isn’t really enough to keep me interested.

Will I end up getting a few titles before the sale ends? Probably. Will it be the major hit to my wallet that it used to be? Almost certainly not.


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