Picking a Platform

At this point when a larger title drops I always have to make a decision: what platform am I going to play on? Since I have entered the more traditional adult working world and found myself in a place where I have some fun money I have ended up with almost all of this generations platform options. While it is fun to have access to almost all of the titles coming out it can make things more complicated when something launches where you have choices. I currently own a PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS, two PCs as well as last generation consoles etc. Some games are platform exclusive, which make it easy. However, when a game release on multiple platforms I always have to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Sometimes I will buy a game on multiple platforms, but in general I do try not to do that, since I already have enough of a gaming backlog.

I am not the type of person who feels one platform is always better than the others. There are some games that lend themselves well to play on a console and TV, others that work well on handheld, and some where the mouse and keyboard shine.

When it comes time to make the decision I usually base it on a 3 main factors: Control schemes, performance, and social options.

Control schemes:

While my first shooters where Goldeneye on the N64 and Halo on the Xbox, I have found now that I really prefer shooters with a mouse and keyboard, so that has definitely made me lean to PC when that is an option. On the other hand I have played other games, like bastion and never alone, which lend themselves better to console controls. Then there are titles like Tearaway for the Vita that really shine on handheld. I can’t always predict which scheme will be better, but at this point having played lots of different genres I feel like I do have a better feel for which control scheme I will prefer.


While I am by no means a benchmarker or someone who is frame rate focused, I will base the platform choice on performance numbers. If there have been reviews showing that a game is sluggish on console, or that the resolution etc is poorer that will definitely effect my choice. I don’t have super high end PCs by any means, but if it is going to run at 60FPS or better in 1080p on my PCs and only in 720p or have frame rate issues on the console that is a pretty easy call.


Some games really thrive on the social interaction within them. Those are the games where it is most difficult to make the call. I have friends who play on all platforms. I have legitimately had to ask around as to what consoles others will play on just to be sure that I don’t end up choosing a system where none of my friends will be around to play.




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