E3 was a little while ago, and led to me watching twitter and gaming sites from work since I couldn’t stream coverage. Thing is, unlike some years I didn’t feel like there was as much that I missed by not actually watching press conferences this year. Yes there were some announcements that caught my attention, like Microsoft’s project scorpio, a release date for last guardian, and crash coming back to the current Sony generation. However, with it not being a year of new consoles, and only Microsoft having any information on the re-designed version of this console I didn’t feel like there were as many major announcements.

I also feel like the last few E3s have been all about the pre-show rumors and leaks, leaving very little room for any surprise announcements. Some of the major studios even had press conferences before the show started, which is another indication of the change in the dynamic around the show. There is a lot of E3 that is business and politics. Who makes announcements when so that they get the limelight, steal it from a competitor, or don’t get lost in the sea of gaming news seems to be more of what E3 is about than anything else.

I know E3 is a show for the devs and companies, which is why it has so much of the marketing aspect. It just makes me appreciate the shows that are less about that and more about the games themselves.


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