When I saw the recent news from Penny Arcade I can honestly say I was shocked. Having been to so many PAXes Robert Khoo has definitely had a direct impact on me. He has been a part of Penny Arcade since long before I even knew what they were and has helped them grow into the company and brand that they are today.

I will be honest; I am a bit nervous about what Khoo’s departure will mean for the show and for Penny Arcade. Mike and Jerry will keep the comic theirs, and I hope that whoever takes over the PAX side is someone who can step into the very large shoes Khoo has left behind. Really i just hope that they can keep PAX feeling like PAX. It doesn’t have to stay exactly the same, in fact it can’t. PAX is too big to not have it change with the community that makes it so great. I certainly don’t envy whoever will have to make the tough choices about what changes the show will have to endure. I just hope that the community will be nicer than I think they will be.

Good Luck  Khoo, in whatever you have next. I honestly don’t know what it will be like at a PAX without you, but thanks for all you have done to make it the amazing experience it is for all of us.


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