Non-Dorm Room Geek Wall Art

When I first got my own place to live I decided pretty quickly that I was not ok with the boring white apartment walls. The thing was I really didn’t want my place to look like a dorm either. I wanted the place to reflect me but to also look like an adult lived there rather than a kid.

First I found some inexpensive ways to decorate. I found a piece of gift wrap at one of the expensive stationary shops that was a star chart. So once again I found a frame and a mat and made it into a piece of wall art. I already had 4 posters that were space shuttle schematics that matched the gift wrap which I also framed, and which gave me a whole themed wall that I looked a lot more expensive than it was, and fit the adult style I was going for.

The thing is, decorating in an “adult” way can be a bit difficult with my interests. Gaming posters are not really the most “adult” of décor items, but they were the kinds of things I liked and wanted to use.

The first thing I learned was the power of a frame. I had (and still have) a large number of posters that I have collected from my many conventions and geeky excursions. In order to be able to use them without the “college” feel I took a trip to the local craft store and I stocked up on frames. I didn’t get the most expensive ones they had by any means. In fact I basically just got a bunch of basic black poster frames.

The difference between hanging framed posters and just taping or tacking the posters to the wall was night and day. It meant that I could have the gaming and geeky posters up without having an apartment that looked like a dorm room.


Now that I am a bit more established I have found the value in a real framing job as well. I got a piece of art from Disney framed professionally and while it was not cheap I feel that it was completely worth it. It made the fairly inexpensive art print look really classy and expensive, and made for a great centerpiece to my living room.

Recently I had some family over to my place for the first time and I was really happy with their reaction. My family is not interested in the gaming industry like I am. I feel like my geek interests are super apparent in my place, and I was a bit worried that they would think it looked like a kids place. Instead it took them a long time to even notice that the décor was game related. My aunt, who is very traditional, even commented that I had good taste. As silly as it is, I was really flattered by it. It meant that I had actually managed to mix the geek with the adult and make a place that is inviting to people who are or aren’t interested in the same things as I am.


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