The Danger of Collections as a Geek

The more immersed in geek culture the more I find how much I just like geek stuff. I love having all sorts of different things that are related to the games, movies and books that I love. I love new technology toys and peripherals. I’ve also found I get attached to these things. I like to not just have them but to have them out and enjoy them. Things like collector’s editions for games, plush collectables, vinyl collectables, strategy guides, and maps are all super cool, but have found that they really have started to pile up.

Geek interests lend themselves well to collections. Whether its comic books, movies, games, or the aptly named collectable merchandise, it is very easy to have a lot of stuff.

The first sign of my collections getting big was my video game collection. There is an easy solution to that, which is buying games digitally. The problem is, I genuinely like having the physical collection. My collection has grown to a level where I had to actually go buy furniture to house my game. I have given in to Steam sales. It is hard not to be tempted by the ridiculously good deals that Steam offers. Thing is I still can’t bring myself to buy any game at full price digitally.

The other really dangerous thing for me was the subscription crates. I was a Loot crate subscriber for more than 2 years. Some of what they sent was really nifty stuff, and in the beginning I was always really excited to get them. The thing I found was that after a while some of what was in the crates really didn’t match my interests. Then it became a stressor, since I would have to figure out where to store the things I got, and what to do with the things that I didn’t want. Eventually I got a crate where there was nothing in the crate that I was really excited to keep, and finally decided it was time to end the subscription.

PAXes and Cons are a great way to collect neat geeky stuff too. I have to fly out to every show with an empty roll-aboard carry on bag just to be sure I can get all of the nifty stuff I get home. I’m pretty sure that is why I played so much tetris as a younger gamer, to learn how to efficiently pack swag :p

It has become something of an art to determine which swag is worth collecting at a Con and packing for home, and which stuff will just end up thrown away once it makes it home. Merch is always really tempting to me, since it is a limited time thing. I have had to really get better at asking the question of what is worth getting and collecting versus what isn’t.


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