I promise this is the last PAX overview for awhile :p

PAX has a full three day schedule of Panels and interesting events outside of the expo. It took me a few shows to actually make it out of the expo floor and to some of the panels, but now I have a few that I never miss, and I have learned to always look through the schedule ahead of time to see if there are any new ones to make it to.This show there were 2 panels I made it to: make a strip and Acquisitions Incorporated.

PAX East 2016 886

Make a strip is a Q&A panel, which goes on while Mike and Jerry create the Penny Arcade strip for the upcoming Monday. It is always neat to watch Mike draw, especially as a non-artsy person. Plus it gives a chance to learn more about the creators of the strip and see what things the community wants to know about them. This time the strip was pretty funny, being about the overwatch for the watch match that was later that day. Plus there was a computer issue for the second show in a row, which made things interesting

Acquisitions Incorporated is a panel at both East and Prime/West that I never miss. It is a love stage Dungeons and Dragons game, with Mike, Jerry, Scott Kurtz and Patrick Rothfuss. The game is usually DM’s by Chris Perkins, though this year they switched it up with Chris playing and Mike and Patrick each running a small encounter. You don’t have to play D&D to enjoy the panel, since the humor definitely transcends the game and they make it very entertaining to watch. This year the switch of DMs and the surprise poem from Jerry at the end definitely made it worth the watch. (if you are interested the panel is actually posted online and I highly recommend taking the time to watch)


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