Configuring a New Rig

I have had my new Alienware 15 for a while now, which means I have been spending a lot of time getting the system configured. It had been a while since I got a new rig that I needed to set up, and as such I forgot exactly how much work it took.

First of all this is my first system running Windows 10, which means that I have had to learn where the moved a bunch of things too. Both my previous Alienware laptop and my desktop have been running Windows 7 for years, so I am used to how that is set up. As such, figuring out where all the personalization in 10 lives took some digging.

I’ll be honest, im not a huge fan of most of the interface changes in 10. I will give Microsoft that it is better than 8 was, but I don’t feel like the live tiles should be the default interface. I like the idea of live tiles on certain systems. In fact, I have been a Windows phone user for 4 years now, and love how they work on mobile devices. Thing is, on a computer they really aren’t practical. I could see some use for them on a touch screen system, but I feel like as a computer OS they should be an option not the default layout.

The live tiles and start menu changes have actually led me to do something I have never done before. I have installed a version of classic shell to be able to re-skin the OS to look like Windows 7. I was a bit wary to try something like that, since I have never had good luck when it comes to any mods like that. Messing with registry files and such always makes me nervous. However I had someone recommend classic shell, which is just an app that you install that works over Windows 10. It took a bit of playing through all the settings to get it look right but I’m definitely happy with it so far.

Besides getting the OS set up, I also had all the installs. Everything from anti-virus software, to office, to game clients. Plus there are the peripheral software suites. Having as many peripherals as I do means I had to go get all sorts of drivers. It would be easier if I only had one brand of peripherals, since some manufacturers like Logitech just do one software suite for all of their devices. Of course I couldn’t have made it that easy.

It took at least a week to finally get thing feeling like they are right again. I’m sure I’ll find game saves and settings that I need to migrate over, but at least now I can at least sit down to play a game with a working mouse and headset!


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