You might say that I have a peripheral problem.

Now that I am an adult and in charge of my own expenses I can feed the habit in a way I couldn’t before. When I started playing games PC games more seriously all I had was a cheap Toshiba satellite laptop running vista (*shudders*) a freebie wireless mouse.

My first upgrade was to get a good gaming laptop. I spent a summer’s worth of college student income on an Alienware M11x. More than 6 years later that system is still running strong (though it was just put into psuedo-retirement by my latest upgrade). When I bought the m11x I took my first dive into the world of peripherals. Since it is a small form factor laptop, the first thing I did was look at monitors. I bought a 24in Asus monitor for the Alienware to get to stretch its legs. I also ended up with a Logitech G110 keyboard, and a Razer death adder.

Early M11x set up

Since then I have acquired 2 more mice (a second death adder and a Corsair Scimitar RGB), a Logitech G13 game pad, 3 sets of headphones (Razer Carcharias, Logitech G430s, and the Steel Series Guild wars 2 edition headphones).

Plus, now that I have a desktop PC I have repurposed the Asus and cannibalized my old TV as a secondary monitor for my at home set up. I also got a set of Logitech 5.1 speakers so that I can play PC games in surround sound.

I find that every time I go to micro center, best buy, or a convention I am drawn to whatever peripherals they have out, and end up talking myself into and/or out of buying another cool tech toy. Since I do take my laptop to LANs/BYOCs and such, having a portable set of peripherals is useful, but I definitely have more fun gaming accessories than I can regularly use…but I don’t think that will stop me from pining over more.


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