Unique Post Con Experience

After MAGFest closed on Sunday the group I was with decided to stay around the Gaylord for a bit. We decided we would find an empty table to sit to play a few more board games and grab some dinner in the area before we headed back to the real world.

We played a few rounds of Pixel glory and enter the dungeon, which are both very portable multiplayer games, which have become common place for my group at conventions, since you can just throw the small box in a backpack and have it when you get a bit of free time.


When we finished with games we wandered down to try to find food and found that it had become extremely foggy. The view out of the back of the center out over the Potomac River was kind of eerie, since you could not see the very brightly lit Ferris wheel that was only a few blocks away.


The best part was the comment of the random other attendee as we watched the fog roll in. He mentioned that is was eerie and said something about expecting Pyramid head (the enemy from Silent Hill) to creep up behind people.

Comments like that are part of why I love going to conventions. It is really fun to be surrounded by people who will just get those kinds of references, since the people I interact with on a daily basis would definitely not.It is one thing to have your group of friends who are all into gaming, but there is something difference about wandering through a crowd and hearing conversations about obscure game characters or detailed game mechanics. It leads to the feeling of finding somewhere that you “fit”, which obviously isn’t a new or unique thing for conventions or the gaming/geek world but it can be very refreshing to spend a few days in that world.



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