When I first thought about starting something like this I wasn’t really sure where I might want to go with it. I knew that it seemed like it might be interesting to sort of share some of my experiences, crafts and gaming opinions, but it can be more than a little cut throat out there when it comes to that, which is why it has taken me so long to even start.

First of all I definitely enjoy video games. Thing is I am not a competitive player. I love following the industry and finding new and interesting games to try. However I have never been the kind of player who is particularly good at even finishing all the games I start. I am not the kind of player who spends a long time perfecting single games, and I have never been the kind of person to do a lot of competitive PVP.

I love stories. I love lore and worlds and interesting place to be and explore. That is why I read so much as a kid, and I think is something a lot of people with the “geek” tendencies can relate to. In fact because of loving the stories so much, I even enjoy watching other people play games. Now that the streaming phenomenon has started it is less weird, but for a long time the fact that I would also sit on friends couches and watch them play through games was not a thing many people seemed to get.

I also enjoy random projects and crafts, which can overlap with the love of gaming and geeky stuff. I had a mom who did a lot of DIY, and I picked up some of that from her. There is something satisfying about making a thing rather than buying it made.

So what do I plan to put up here? A bit of everything. Some thoughts on gaming and the industry, some weird craft projects, both geeky and otherwise, that I have gotten in to and whatever else I feel like posting.


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